Wednesday, 21 February 2018

UWF 15/04/1990 - FIGHTING AREA (23/31)

15th April 1990
Hakata Star Lanes, Fukuoka
att. 4000

A brief extract from the Maeda text that arrived in my possession some time ago:
- He's a big one for an easterner innee Harold?
- I'll say. Bit of a prick too.
- You what?
- He kicked Giant Haystacks so 'ard last night his balls were swollen like an aubergine.
- What's an aubergine?
- Weird vegetable. Big and purple. Like a marrow. Tastes of nowt.
- Christ.

Rest in peace to the RealHero Archive, that repository of wrestling from Japan. You provided a good service to a hardcore of maybe 150 nerds though some of us still managed to gripe about the extensiveness of your coverage. But as one door closes another opens. The discovery of a full 1990 UWF show means that slowly, surely, and pleasantly, we can join the dots of this incredible tale.